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Leaders (Energy) has invested in Exploration, Upstream, Downstream Projects in Oil and Gas fields. We are in association with large companies who have technical expertise in Surveys, Geological Mapping, Drilling, Rigs, Refining, Pipeline and Logistics. We envisage partnership and funding program for such projects to be completed successfully.

Teamed with renowned and reputed companies globally, Leaders (Energy) aims to provide quality products and services to all our clients regardless of their location. We are capable of Upstream Projects demanding reliable reporting on the Geology, Satellite Mapping of the concession areas which warrants quality equipment and a team of professionals. The experience and expertise of our associates provides us with opportunities for infrastructural development such as Storage Facilities, Pipelines, Port Handling Facilities, Refinery Construction and distribution of Refined Products.

To Leaders (Energy), operational excellence means operating and conducting business with HEALTH and SAFETY being paramount, and in a manner that is Reliable, Cost Effective and Environmentally responsible. This structure helps us to mitigate the risks associated with our business and allows us to focus on maximizing our investment and growth strategy, globally.

Leaders (Energy) along with its associates can deliver the following commitments to clients: